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Raise Benefits Advice Team

Information, advice and support around welfare benefits, debt, and money guidance issues for housing association tenants. We visit nearly all our clients in their homes or in outreach offices – we don’t have our own interview rooms. As well as advising people, we pursue people’s cases in the office and at tribunal hearings.

The Whitechapel Centre - Floating Support Service

Description Support for adults over the age of 16, who are living in Central Liverpool and need help with a housing matter. The service covers the following postcodes: L1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and part of L4, 12 and 15. Our Housing Advice and Support service can help with any housing related matter. This may include: Advice in dealing with your landlord Help with budgeting or benefits Guidance in managing a tenancy Help to make a Property Pool Plus Application or find a private rented property Guidance to access help with alcohol, substance misuse or mental health issues if this is affecting your housing situation

Information last updated 03 February 2018

National information


Your local guide to help with benefits, work, money, housing problems and more. Enter your postcode and a topic to find helpful information.

Benefits checker

If you need a review of your or a family member’s eligibility for benefits you can use an online benefit calculator. These are free to use and anonymous.

Carers and Disability benefits

In this section of the GOV.UK site you will find information on eligibility, rates and claiming for those with a disability. If you are a carer you will find details of benefits available to you.

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice provides fact sheets, answers to questions and information on benefits and tax credits for all ages. Included on this site is information for people coming from abroad.

Claiming benefits

Find information on your entitlement to benefits. Find details of benefits for carers, jobseekers, families, those with a disability, help with housing and tax credits.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a benefit for people who are on low incomes or out of work. Find out about the benefit and how to claim.