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Derby Citizens Advice and Law Centre

The Citizens Advice & Law Centre can help clients to explore their situation and gather information on their debts. This will allow us to prepare a budget and maximise your income. We can also help you deal and negotiate with creditors and provide assistance in challenging and prioritising your debts. This process allows us to then explore a variety of options to help you resolve your debt problems.

Derby City Council - Money Advice

Derby Advice’s Money Advice team gives free, confidential and independent advice on any money/debt problems, on budgeting, and on all welfare benefits.

Information last updated 27 November 2015

National information

Bank safely online

Get advice on online banking and how to spot scams. This site reassures you about security measures in place and recommends care and vigilance.

Citizens Advice

Useful advice on a range of issues and there FAQs and Fact sheet sections on Consumer and Debt and money matters. You can find out what best to do in a number of difficult situations. 

Income tax

All you need to know from GOV.UK rates and allowances, relief and refund.

Money advice service

This is a free, unbiased and independent service offering wide-ranging financial advice. You can use the Tools section for handy video and print guides, as well as to carry out a money health check or set out a budget plan.

Money saving expert

A consumer advice site, fronted by Martin Lewis, which is up-to-date, covers a wide range of areas, e.g. banks, cards, shopping, insurance. You may benefit from offers updated almost daily and you can sign up for a weekly e-mail service.

National Debtline

This debt advice charity provides confidential free impartial advice on managing debt and personal budgeting. Use the My Money Steps tool to view the useful and reassuring introductory video and a range of FAQs.

Pensions advisory service

You can find a wealth of information about pensions, including Voluntary National Insurance contributions and a Pensions timeline.